the story

do good. be well. live wellthy.
That's the guiding belief.

The journey to wellthy started in 2018 with my blog #healthiswellth where I encourage high vibe living through conscious & inclusive wellness as The Healthlete. The goal is to share that true health involves taking the time & creating the space to also invest in your well-being & elevate your wellth. There is no “one-size-fits-all” to healthy & wellthy living – it’s about discovering what works & feels good for you.

'Health is wellth' has never been more true than in these current times, as our health is in danger & our well-being compromised. In just a short time, the coronavirus outbreak has evolved into a global pandemic that has an expansive reach beyond those who have contracted COVID-19.

ethical sustainable minimalist recycled jewelry | wellthy | conscious jewelry

So why are you here?

Prior to the global pandemic, my vision for this jewelry line was to design something that is consciously created and is aligned with my wellness mindset. That is why it was important to me, to create this jewelry from conflict-free, recycled precious metals. Now, with the pandemic engulfing our lives, instead of putting this project on pause, I have decided to donate 100% of wellthy's profits to a charity of your choice for the duration of the NYC Shelter in Place Order.

Support vulnerable communities.

To me, living wellthy is not just about being well, but doing good for our communities. So to refocus this collaboration to directly support vulnerable communities was the clear decision for me. I hope you join me in this effort.

Front line medical professionals are grappling with shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), critical care medications & equipment for patients are limited, many families facing unemployment are at risk of homelessness, & our senior neighbors are incredibly vulnerable. These are just a few of the groups that desperately need our support during this time.

How does this work?

Choose your favorite piece & select PURCHASE NOW to complete your purchase (or to select other wellthy pieces) on Pietra Studio. Because donating to a charity is a very personal & emotional decision, the choice is up to you. Four charities in different areas of need have been shortlisted. In the drop down, choose the one that most resonates with you & that is where your donation will go towards! In addition, wellthy also gives you the option to gift the selected jewelry to a NYC frontline healthcare worker.

A personal connection.

It is our hope that this decision creates a personal connection between the items you are purchasing and the charity you are supporting through your generosity. Let the pieces you select serve as a reminder to you of how connected we are as human beings, because together our impact is greater.

Live wellthy, Mia Caine

ethical sustainable minimalist recycled jewelry | wellthy | conscious jewelry

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