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We create luxe sustainable jewelry that is ethical & fine, like you. Slow down with us to learn how our principles & practices aim to support your efforts to make more sustainable fashion choices.

Choose slow fashion

In this fast-paced, modern world with an abundance of choice & convenience, it is often overlooked how something as simple as our fashion choices can have real implications on the earth, its environment, & the humans on it.

At wellthy®, we choose to work as a slow fashion business because it is important for us to be mindful & make thoughtful decisions in regards to the processes & resources necessary to make ethical & sustainable jewelry for you to enjoy.

To us, slow fashion is about creating consciously, responsibly, & with integrity. It is our hope that our efforts help connect your own social & environmental awareness with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, sustainable, & well-made fashion.

luxe sustainable jewelry

Our jewelry is designed & created for our ethical & fine friends like you who value slow fashion & are choosing to shop more sustainably. These modern, everyday pieces are crafted to be minimal in design & impact on the environment.

We recognize that a critical part of the slow fashion movement is letting go of the mindset to consume needlessly. That is why we release new designs in small batches to limit waste & encourage more mindful consumption.

new things are fine, but old things (made new) are better

Our conscious & sustainable beliefs are put into practice by doing our part to further close the loop. All of our jewelry is responsibly-sourced & created in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled metals (14k gold & 925 sterling silver) that have been refined without reduction in quality.

This choice helps to minimize waste & breathe new life into existing resources of reclaimed precious metals. That way we can ensure that your favorite pieces are always beautiful, high-quality, & ethical.

environmental & social responsibility

We choose to only work with a conflict-free supply chain. That means there are auditing & due diligence procedures to maintain ethical & environmental standards. As a result, our precious metals are sourced responsibly & free of labor abuses, human rights violations, or inhumane treatment. Our metals are not accepted from any sources that are ambiguous about their production lines.

By choosing wellthy®, you are helping to counteract the negative impacts of dirty & unethical mining by reducing demand for newly mined metals, pollution from processing newly extracted metals, & unsustainable consumption of new resources.

Why this matters

Deciding to participate in slow fashion matters because fast fashion costs more than you think. What we purchase & wear directly impacts the lives of those who manufacture it & the sustainability of the planet we live on.

Slow fashion is the necessary response to the unsustainable course of the fast fashion industry. That is why to us, implementing sustainable design is about being intentional & conscious of the holistic well-being of us as individuals, the earth, & the global community.

These matters are important to us, & we hope you share these same values, so that you can love your jewelry for its beauty & proudly wear for its ethical values & minimal impact.

Shop slow & sustainable.

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