What are Recycled Metals?

What are Recycled Metals?

At wellthy, we like to say new things are fine, but old things (made new) are better! That is why all of our jewelry is responsibly-sourced & created in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled metals.

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This conscious choice helps to minimize waste & breathe new life into existing resources of reclaimed precious metals. That way we can ensure that your favorite pieces are beautiful, high-quality, & ethical.

What is recycled 14k gold & sterling silver?

Here's the scoop: recycled 14k gold & sterling silver means that the metal has been previously refined. Our precious metals come from curated post-consumer materials like: old jewelry, industrial-use metals, electronics components, & other gold/sterling silver-bearing products. This means our precious metals have lived several lives before being crafted into your jewelry.

How is recycled metal refined?

To refine recycled 14k gold or sterling silver, it must be separated from the other metals it is mixed with & melted down to reach its purest form. The metal is then processed & reused to make a new piece of jewelry, without reduction in quality. That is how we give another life to those existing (& now recycled!) metals through our designs.

wellthy luxe sustainable jewelry

What is the benefit of recycled 14k gold & sterling silver?

Some might be unsure about jewelry made from pre-loved materials, but through the refining process, the recycled metal maintains its quality just the same as newly mined metal. So there is no need to compromise between your values & luxury.

How does recycled compare to newly mined metal?

Consider this: mining enough gold to make an 1/3-ounce ring can produce up to 20 tons of mining waste & 13 pounds of toxic emissions. Yes, that is just for one simple gold band. Choosing recycled metal helps to counteract the negative impacts of dirty & unethical mining by reducing the unsustainable demand for & consumption of newly mined metals and the resulting pollution from processing newly extracted metals. Also, the carbon footprint from the procurement of recycled sterling silver is one third that of newly mined silver, while the recycled gold is half that of newly mined gold.

Why do we choose to use recycled precious metals?

At wellthy, we choose to use recycled 14k gold & sterling silver because, when considering the impact on the environment & the limited resources of the earth, recycled jewelry offers a viable solution to our modern needs. 

Shop our collection of recycled 14k yellow gold, sterling silver, & gold vermeil luxe sustainable jewelry that is ethical & fine, just like you.

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