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We believe in taking care of the earth & the people on it. That’s why our jewelry is made from 100% recycled metals reclaimed from post-consumer elements sourced in the USA. Our precious metals are only from sources that meet certain standards of sustainability & have been audited by SCS. Get familiar with our metals & find what works best for your lifestyle.
14k yellow gold

14k gold is a beautiful & durable option for fine jewelry. Plus, its bright yellow gold color compliments a variety of skin tones.

Since solid 24k gold is too soft & scratches easily, our 14k gold jewelry consists of 14 parts gold (equivalent to 58.34%) & 10 parts alloys (5% silver, 29% copper, & 7.66% zinc; equivalent to 41.7%). This composition improves 14k gold's strength & durability, while also being skin-friendly.

Care tips: Our 14k gold jewelry will last a lifetime with everyday wear & minimal care or maintenance. Though it can easily withstand contact with water, avoid contact with chlorine.

To clean 14k gold jewelry, wash gently with warm, soapy water. Pat dry & then buff with a soft dry cloth or gold polishing cloth to maintain its beauty.

sterling silver

Sterling silver is a beautiful metal for those who prefer cool tones for their jewelry. Its sophisticated sheen has a unique beauty that is timeless.

Our sterling silver is a metal alloy that consists of 92.5% (or .925) silver & 7.5% copper. This composition increases the durability of the silver.

Care tips: Daily wear helps to keep sterling silver bright & clean. However, to limit tarnishing, it is important to remove jewelry before applying any lotions or oils. When not in use, store it in a dry place to keep the surface from oxidizing.

Due to the copper mixed in, sterling silver can naturally patina & oxidize over time, & will have the appearance of an antiqued silver. To restore its shine, sterling silver can be easily cleaned with a mix of baking soda & water. Use your fingers or a small brush to rub with the paste, rinse, & pat dry.

gold vermeil

Gold vermeil is the best quality yellow gold jewelry you can get short of buying 14k gold, as it's a cost-effective & high-quality alternative.

Gold vermeil is .925 sterling silver plated with 14k gold at a thickness of 2.5 microns. We choose to use a thickness of 3 microns that will better wear the test of time, yet still be budget-friendly.

Care tips: Though it's appearance is visibly the same as 14k gold, proper care is very important for maintaining your gold vermeil jewelry. It's best to remove gold vermeil jewelry before contact with water or applying lotions/oils, & to store in a dry space to prevent tarnish or oxidation.

Please note that gold plating will naturally fade with wear. However, with proper care, it will retain its shine for you to enjoy many times over.

earth-friendly packaging

Every wellthy® order is sent in our sustainable, ready-to-gift packaging because how it is packed & delivered to you (or someone special) matters. By using recycled materials that are 100% recyclable (plus some biodegradable & renewable elements), this conscious choice helps reduce our environmental footprint. We have also partnered with EcoCart to empower the wellthy® community to make their orders 100% carbon neutral. 

Learn more about our conscious packaging, including tips to reuse, repurpose, & recycle, plus why you should choose carbon neutral when shopping wellthy®.

Always made to be ethical & fine, like you.

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